Naud XO Cognac (700ML)

A delight from its first sparkling appearance, this Cognac takes its taster on a sensory journey they won’t forget in a hurry. Made using some of the oldest and rarest eaux-de-vie housed in the Naud Paradis cellar, it’s a taste of historic brilliance. A Cognac with many mysteries, its deep mahogany hues allude to the smooth, rich complexities that await. It's certainly one you don't want to miss out on.

This artisan house is rightfully proud of their Naud XO Cognac. Renowned for creating Cognacs that evoke pure passion and innovation at every single step, it’s clear to see how an XO as remarkable as this one was brought to life. Producing Cognacs since 1923, this is certainly a house that knows what it takes to create selections that will remain with you long after the final sip.

Eye:Amber with mahogany sparkles.
Nose: Smooth and rich, dominated by fragrances of candied orange, prune, spices (cinnamon, cumin) and leather.
Palate: Broad and complex with long-lasting notes of Seville orange and tobacco. A touch of rancio characteristic of old Cognacs slowly emerges beneath the surface.


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Presentation of the bottle
A typical Naud display, the unique decanter instantly captures attention with its eye-catching shape. Stamped with silver detailing, its simplicity leaves plenty to the imagination and invites you in for a sip. Finished in a bold rose box, it boasts a proud presentation down to the final detail. One you will undoubtedly want to display.

How to enjoy
A Cognac of this quality deserves to be savored. It proudly stands as the perfect after-dinner digestif, suited to on the rocks enjoyment to tease the flavor. If you are looking for some extra excitement, put it in the freezer and dive even deeper into its depths. Whichever way you choose to taste it, this is a stand-out Cognac that will sit proudly even on the smartest occasions.
Rich and dense in flavor, this XO Cognac is perfect as a digestif after a rich meal. Serve with a selection of dried fruits and cheeses - or simply enjoy it neat alongside a fine cigar.

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