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Drumshanbo With Sardinian Citrus Gin (700ML)


Citrus Burst: This gin offers a prominent burst of citrus flavor on the palate, derived from the Citrus Mostruosa of Sardinia. The citrus notes are zesty and vibrant, providing a refreshing and tangy experience.

Oriental Spice: Complementing the citrus, you’ll find a delightful blend of oriental spices that add a warm and exotic complexity to the gin. This combination creates a unique and well-balanced flavor profile.

Herbal Undertones: In the background, there are subtle herbal undertones that add depth and character to the gin. These herbal notes provide a pleasant contrast to the citrus and spices.

Smooth and Silky: The gin is known for its smooth and silky texture, making it a joy to sip on its own or as part of a cocktail. The combination of flavors is harmoniously integrated, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable drinking experience.

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