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over 170 years and 9000 awards behind every glass

Renowned around the world, Hardys wines are a mark of certainty in an uncertain world.

Then, Now & Always. Certainty in every bottle

Upholding their pioneering spirit, Hardys winemakers craft quality wines enjoyed globally, backed by over 9000 medals, ensuring Hardys' remains the best choice for consumers
Established in 1853 by Thomas Hardy, Hardys is one of Australia's oldest wineries, with a 170-year legacy of crafting wines esteemed globally
Based in McLaren Vale, Hardys blend grapes from Australia's finest regions, harmonizing distinct regional characteristics for a unique varietal expression that reflects each terroir's best
2 million glasses of Hardys are enjoyed every day around the world. Hardys is also the #1 brand in the UK, and have been for over 12 years.

Winemaker's Picks

Eileen Hardy Shiraz

hardys stamp

Stamp Shiraz Cabernet

Thomas Hardy Cabernet Sauvignon

VR Chardonnay

Discover The Rich 170 year old history of Hardys

Top Picks

hardys vr

VR Cabernet Sauvignon

VR Merlot

hardys tintara

Tintara Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

VR Rose

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